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Dr Gilbert Shama B. Sc.(Hons), M. Sc., PhD, FRSB

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Reader in Applied Microbiology

Departmental Erasmus Co-ordinator

Part A Module Tutor


My career has been spent entirely within academe. I have migrated from a purely engineering background to a field that is located at the intersection of biological and engineering disciplines.

  • Research Scientist, Imperial Biotechnology, London, 1984.
  • Lecturer, Polytechnic of the South Bank, London, 1985-1989.
  • Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Reader, Loughborough University, since 1989.


  • B. Sc. (Hons) in Chemical Engineering, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, 1975.
  • M. Sc. Biological Engineering, University of Birmingham, 1978.
  • PhD Imperial College, London, 1986.


Current teaching responsibilities:

  • Fluid Mechanics (CGA001)
  • Chemical & Biochemical Processes (CGA005)
  • Chemical Engineering & Society (CGA013)
  • Food Engineering (CGB021)
  • Professional Development Project (CGC002)
  • Pollution Control (CGC042)
  • Research Methods (CGC058)
  • Process Design Project (CGC045/6)
  • Advanced Process Systems Engineering (CGD068)
  • Applied Heterogeneous Catalysis (CGP050)

Current administrative responsibilities:

  • Member: Departmental Teaching and Learning Committee

Outline of main research interests:

My research is centred on microbial inactivation by methods that avoid the use of xenobiotic compounds. Such methods include UV irradiation and atmospheric gas plasma treatment, with applications ranging from reducing food wastage to improving safety.  My research covers a wide range of matrices including water and other liquids, air and the surfaces of solids.

A quite separate strand of my research interests covers the history of the development of antibiotics as chemotherapeutic agents.

Grants and contracts:

  • 2014-2017 Agritech Catalyst: Control of Botrytis in fresh produce pre- and post-harvest environments by integrated UV-B, -C and ethylene removal treatment

Selected publications:


  • Atmospheric plasma inactivation of biofilm-forming bacteria for food safety control, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PLASMA SCIENCE  Volume: 33   Issue: 2   Pages: 824-828   Part: 2   Published: APR 2005
  • Probing bactericidal mechanisms induced by cold atmospheric plasmas with Escherichia coli mutants, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS  Volume: 90   Issue: 7     Article Number: 073902   Published: FEB 12 2007
  • UV hormesis in fruits: a concept ripe for commercialisation, TRENDS IN FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY  Volume: 16   Issue: 4   Pages: 128-136   Published: 2005
  • The uses and abuses of rapid bioluminescence-based ATP assays, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYGIENE AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH  Volume: 216   Issue: 2   Pages: 115-125   Published: MAR 2013
  • Green synthesis of silver and copper nanoparticles using ascorbic acid and chitosan for antimicrobial applications, CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS  Volume: 112   Pages: 195-202   Published: NOV 4 2014 

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External collaborators:

  • Nottignham University
  • Wolverhampton University

External roles and appointments:

  • Honorary Archivist, Microbiological Society