Chemical Engineering


21 Jul 2020

My PDP Story – Kieran Rose

‌Kieran Rose has recently completed Part C of his MEng Degree in Chemical Engineering and he has kindly agreed to share his experience of his Professional Development Project (PDP) with us.  

All of our MEng students undertake a Professional Development Project (PDP) in the second semester of their third taught year. This gives our students a unique experience with many choosing to study overseas at one of our partner universities.

The PDP can be done in one of three ways:
  • As a technical project at a company. This differs from the placement year in that students will work on a single project and write a report which is assessed as part of their degree. Placement students, on the other hand, often undertake several projects;
  • As an individual research project carried out at Loughborough under the supervision of an academic
  • As an individual research project carried out at a partner university overseas. Most of our MEng students take this option.

As Kieran chose to conduct his PDP at Loughborough University, we thought this would be a positive example of a PDP taken in the UK, especially as Kieran's PDP experience impacted positively upon gaining his placement role, which he will be undertaking this year at Milliken

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Kieran shared:

"I chose to remain in the Chemical Engineering Department at Loughborough for my PDP project. Doing so allowed me to gain more experience in the university laboratories and maintain the support of my peers in Loughborough.

My project investigated the use of an in-line rotor-stator for the incorporation and deagglomeration of nanoparticles in water. The use of nanoparticles can offer improvements in numerous products such as catalysts, paints and coatings, sun creams and HD television. Rotor-stators are industrial mixing devices used for numerous different applications such as deagglomeration and emulsification. My research used the novel Ytron ZC1 in-line rotor-stator and I analysed its performance for both incorporation and deagglomeration processes.

One of the main draws when selecting my project was that it was laboratory based. This gave me the opportunity to familiarise myself with the operation of a pilot scale rig, learn new experimental techniques such as particle sizing and to observe good experimental procedure whilst working alongside a PhD student. This offered a good insight into a research environment and showed me how best to conduct myself in order to meet the high standards expected when carrying out experimentation. My time in the laboratories was limited due to COVID-19 restrictions in place on campus but I hope to get more opportunities to carry out research of my own; either at the university or in my future career.

During my PDP I secured a year placement role with Milliken. In my interview I was able to talk at length about the complexities of my project and demonstrate my depth of knowledge having performed a literature review, had some training in the labs and made a start on data analysis. My project offered something unique which helped me to stand out against other candidates. 

I feel my project has well prepared me to succeed whilst on placement as I have developed many new skills and abilities. It has also given me new confidence in myself and the knowledge I possess going forward into industry and subsequently the final year of my degree."

We thank Kieran for sharing his experience with us.

If you are interested in studying Chemical Engineering at Loughborough University, please follow this link for further information and please don't hesitate to contact us for further information here.