Chemical Engineering


5 Aug 2020

Celebrating Our Undergraduate Prize Winners of 2020!

As we are currently unable to congratulate our current Parts A, B and non-finalist Part C students in person this year, we thought we would celebrate them by sharing their achievements with the world instead!

All of our students have excelled this year, in spite of the current pandemic and we are proud to call them our students!

Below are our undergraduate prize winners of 2019 - We hope you will join us in celebrating their achievements!

Imogen Burrow x 300





Imogen Burrow - Second Year BP Chemicals Prize - awarded to the Part B MEng student with the best overall performance

“A huge thank you to Loughborough and BP for this award. I am surprised and delighted to have won and to be acknowledged for my hard work”




Niamh Mallen x 300





Niamh Mallen - Jack Harris Prize - awarded to the BEng student with the highest overall mark in Part B of their Programme 

“I’m delighted to receive this prize, it’s something that I never would have expected. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for all of their support this year, particularly in the last few months as worked remotely, and also my fellow coursemates, as they were always on hand to help and have made this year extremely enjoyable.”




Many congratulations to all the Chemical Engineering 2020 prize recipients. I am delighted to see so many of our wonderful students have won the prizes that recognise different aspects of achievements. It is a pity that we cannot have a party to celebrate together at the moment, but I wanted to let you know that all the academic staff including myself are very proud of you—not only the prize winners, but everyone who has overcome the difficulties and achieved your success in the past months

Professor Jin Xuan - Head of Department 2020

Matt Samson x 300


Matt Samson - ABB Engineering Services Prize - awarded to the Part C student on one of the Department of Chemical Engineering’s MEng programmes with the best overall performance in Part C of their programme

‘I am so happy to have been given this award! This year has been a real challenge for me, especially given the circumstances over the past few months however, I have proved to myself that with consistent hard work I am able to overcome and adapt to difficult situations which has filled me with great confidence for my placement next year. I am also very grateful for the foundation that the department and university has given me over the past three years which has allowed me to excel and reach my full potential.’





Xuming Yuan x 300





Xuming Yuan - Joint Chemical Engineering LU/China Programme 

“An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory”





Morgan Haigh x 300







Morgan Haigh - First Year BP Chemicals Prize - awarded to the MEng student with the best overall performance

‘It’s so great to have been awarded this prize for academic performance and thank you to BP for providing it.’




 Ope Hamilton x 300




Ope Hamilton - ExxonMobil: The Santoprene™ Chemicals Prize - awarded to the BEng student with the best all-round performance in Part A of their programme 

"I didn't think I'd do so well as to win an award let alone two, (Ope also won a Perrys Prize Book!) Because, If I'm being honest I was merely aiming to pass, the pandemic really got to me. For a long time during the quarantine I was stuck in a rut and just couldn't focus on anything let alone studying. But with the help of my friends and family I was able to regain motivation, build a routine and work towards passing my exams to the best of my abilities.
Now, I'm just really happy that my best was good enough."



Rebecca Dowson x 300




Rebecca Dowson - IChemE Book Prize - awarded to the student with the highest mark in module MAA308 Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering 

"Knowing that I could help make a difference to the world in the future using my degree encouraged me to achieve the best grades I possibly could!"






Congratulations to all of our undergraduate prize winners of the 2019 academic year from everyone in the Chermical Engineering Department!  We look forward to celebrating with you in person in the 2020 academic year!