Chemical Engineering


14 May 2019

Kunal's Experience on his PDP in the US

Kunal NY x 670

Kunal Miyani, MEng Chemical Engineering student at Loughborough University, is just coming to the end of the third year of his course and has undertaken a Personal Develpment Project (PDP), at New York University.

Kunal took some time out to let us know how he has got on:

"I am carrying out my PDP in New York University, New York. I am working with a distinguished professor, a senior PhD student and two undergraduate students to fabricate a membrane electrode assembly, (a cell consisting of a membrane and two electrodes), for electrochemical reduction of CO2. The increase in the global carbon dioxide emissions have had an exacerbating effect on global warming, hence by working on this research project I am able to positively contribute towards making a more sustainable future, which I find very rewarding. 

My role involves researching into the materials required for the cell, fabricating the cell, analysing the products and optimising its performance. Being able to theorise a design of a cell and work towards fabricating it has been stimulating, as it has allowed me to transfer the knowledge and principles learnt in university to the project. Also, I have had exposure to various CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines commonly used in industry such as the Tormach and Waterjet as part of the fabrication, which I am sure will prove useful in the future. In addition, by working directly with a PhD student I have gained an insight into a career in academia and I have been able to pick up a few tips and tricks when conducting experiments.

Being situated in the heart of New York has truly been an invaluable experience; from working alongside such distinguished students and professors to visiting skyscrapers in Manhattan, I have enjoyed every moment of my PDP abroad. 

Aside from my research, I regularly visit the BAPS Swaminarayan Temple in Flushing, New York. By attending the weekly assemblies at the temple, I have made lifelong friends, making my stay in New York even more memorable. I have also had the opportunity to present on a few occasions in front of 200+ people at the temple improving my confidence and presentation skills, which I am confident will be useful throughout my career. 

To conclude, I have thoroughly enjoyed working on such state-of-the-art research and I am confident the skills and experiences I have gained from it will help me in my future endeavours."

Thank you to Kunal for sharing a little of his experience with us!  We hope that he is enjoying being back at university and applying all that he has learned, back within his course!

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