Chemical Engineering


29 Mar 2019

Chemical Engineering Student in New York!

J Fish NY skyline x 670

Will Fish, MEng Chemical Engineering student at Loughborough University, secured a Personal Development Placement in New York and we asked him about his experience:

"My PDP is taking place in New York, at Cornell University. Working alongside world renowned professors and researchers at a pyrolysis kiln facility on campus. The kiln is a unique $900,000 unit that supports researchers in the soil science department understand more about how carbon is sequestrated into soils, to reduce atmospheric carbon and the effects of Climate Change. The feasibility of this equipment is being investigated for implementation in third-world countries as a renewable source of energy and transport fuel.

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"My role is to determine the mass and energy balances on the kiln to provide some evaluation as to its economic feasibility within a larger economic implementation. This has given me a chance to further my knowledge, using lessons learnt in the classroom and developed my understanding of this topic further. I feel my time here is invaluable, and the out-of-class room experiences with distinguished professors has really put me ahead in my studies and will aid me in my Industrial Placement, starting in July. The professors I work with here have a plethora of publications and the opportunity to work alongside them is extremely useful on a professional level. There may also be an opportunity to have a published journal alongside the researchers I work with, giving me more recognition for the work I am conducting here.

"At Cornell, I have joined the Rock-Climbing club as well as the Rock and Roll club which gives me the chance to socialise outside of the departments I work with. This also makes my time at Cornell even more special and gives me a chance to immerse myself in activities and people I perhaps wouldn’t have been able too if I hadn’t gone abroad for my PDP.

This experience has developed my understanding of renewable energy, which is a career path I am looking to pursue. This opportunity to research at a world class university will support my efforts in finding a job in this field when I graduate."

Will shared some of his wider experiences in New York with us, as can be seen in the photos within this piece - we wish we were there!

Many thanks to Will for sharing this amazing experience with us - we look forward to seeing how he has developed when he returns from his placement at Sellafield, which starts in July this year and is completed during the summer of 2020.