Chemical Engineering


22 Mar 2018

New Industry Partnership with Innovate UK

Product and Process Development for New Generation Coatings for Automotive Interiors

MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions (MEIS) and Loughborough University (LU) jointly secured UK government funding (Innovate UK grant) in 2017 to develop new coatings with enhanced properties and performance for the automotive industry and associated production processes.

The project, called ‘NEWNANO’, involves a team led by Dr Keith Parsons, R&D Manager at MEIS and Dr Gul Ozcan-Taskin as the principle investigator at Loughborough University, as well as Professor Chris Rielly, Dean of the School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering. Herrick Yu (MEIS) and Sotiria Tsochataridou (LU - pictured below top two images) are the primary researchers on this project. The collaboration will bring together expertise in product and process development:

Gul x 670

The core concept of the work is to combine functional nanoparticles with FIM (Film Insert Moulding) technology to improve surface characteristics such as hardness, abrasion resistance and finger print resistivity. The product development is progressing hand-in-hand with performance testing and has given promising initial results from lab scale trials. Processing routes are also being developed for medium to large scale manufacture of the new formulation coating whilst maintaining its superior performance with the ultimate aim of market introduction.  Success in this project could lead to a unique market position of MEIS for next generation of 3D vacuum formable layers for automotive interior applications.

(Above third image courtesy of MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions Ltd.)