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Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS)

The School is proud to offer a Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS). This award is made to undergraduate students who have successfully completed their academic studies and the required period of professional training in industry. Successful students are awarded the DPS in addition to their degree.

Student Benefits

  • Gain a substantial period of work experience (45 weeks or more) and develop transferable skills that are sought after by Graduate Recruiters, learning on production whilst facing the real world of work.
  • Gain a recognised qualification upon successful completion (Diploma of Professional Studies).
  • Earn a salary whilst gaining experience.
  • Networking with Employers allows Students to make useful contacts in the industry which you are interested.
  • Students assume responsibility for a range of demanding and challenging experiences building on their independence.
  • Improves chances of students securing a Graduate role and makes Loughborough students more employable.
  • Students put theory into practice.
  • Add substantial work experience to your CV.
  • Increase your chances of securing a graduate position with the company you worked for on placement.

Benefits for the Employer

  • Opportunity for students to make a positive contribution to the Company resulting in advantages such as saving money, improving efficiency and contributing to innovative projects.
  • Raise the organisation’s profile within the University and with its students.
  • Enable the employer to see the student in action for a year before deciding whether or not to offer employment after graduation.
  • Provide the employer with the opportunity to undertake specific project work which might not otherwise be possible.
  • Help a company to build closer links with Loughborough University with a view to further collaboration.

University Expectations

  • A placement that enhances a student's knowledge.
  • A placement that allows personal and professional development.
  • Regular communication from employers that includes feedback about the progress.
  • A fair and valid recruitment and selection process.
  • Appropriate planning before students arrive and support during placement.