Creative Arts

Working with business


The creativity of our students often holds the potential for commercial exploitation of products, services and events.

The Commercialisation Studio supports the development of these bright ideas by providing a platform for energetic artists, designers and writers to develop viable commercial propositions from initial concepts. Studio participants rationalize their thinking, developing their ideas to consider methods of production, target markets or audiences and modes of communication.

Studio participants (creative entrepreneurs) may be sponsored by commercial organisations or other outside agencies, alongside enrolment on an appropriate postgraduate degree course, or be self-sponsored whilst working part-time. Studio support is in the form of a fully managed facility, providing access to leading-edge resources, led by a forward-thinking, research-intensive University.

The key features of The Studio are:

  • Technical knowledge, studio space and business support to deliver viable innovation
  • A focus for collective group energy and a culture of enterprise
  • Management of intellectual property between project partners
  • A platform for grant support (if appropriate) to assist with development costs
  • Flexible working patterns within an agreed project framework and timescale