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Textiles Innovation and Design

The application process

Before you start on the steps below, have a look at our general guide to applying to Loughborough University. 

Step 1: Personal statement

These are important, both for us to read in advance alongside your application, and also because it is a great way for us to find out about your personal interests before we meet you at interview. We realise that you are aiming your statement at several different courses and maybe even different subjects, but we are looking for individuals, with a passion for the subject, and a wide interest in Art and Design in general and this can be reflected in your statement.

First of all you could write about your reasons for wanting to study on the course, and how we can help you achieve your longer term goals. This helps us to know that you understand what you will be studying.

We like to know that you have a good understanding of the context – where Textiles fit in the world, and what part of this broad spectrum of opportunity appeals to you most. You could mention exhibitions, shops, galleries you have visited, and workshops and demos you have found inspiring.

Reflect on your recent Art & Design education and experiences and discuss how these have helped you develop an interest the Creative Arts.

Tell us about things you do outside of your studies, so if you play a musical instrument, take part in sporting activities, have any unusual hobbies or interests, collect things, then let us know.

Try not to create just a list of your achievements; we are keen to hear your personal views and opinions, about things you are particularly interested in,
so you could mention any work experience, travel, volunteering, and talk about what you might have learned from this.

Overall we are looking for students with a degree of independent thinking, a point of view and an individual perspective with the initiative to do well at University.

Step 2: Application

Apply through UCAS using the following codes:

  • Textiles: Innovation & Design BA Hons - 3 years full-time - WJ24
  • Textiles: Innovation & Design BA Hons - DPS/DIntS 4 years full-time sandwich - J420

The UCAS application deadline is 15 January.

Step 3: Prepare your portfolio

You are asked to restrict the amount of work you prepare to 1 x A1 portfolio plus a maximum of 3 sketchbooks. The portfolio should contain no more than 25 sheets of work. Non portable or 3D work should be presented as photographs with a clear indication of scale and materials used.

Your portfolio should include the following:

  • Evidence of visual research: to include sketch books of ideas, artist and designer reference, drawing and sketches which record inspiration, original photography and found images
  • Development of ideas from initial concepts through to a conclusion: work sheets, story boards, design development sketchbooks etc. Experimentation with materials, colour inspiration
  • Drawing: showing analytical and observational skills, this is often life drawing or drawing from sets or still life
  • Finished work: samples, garments, products, costumes or installations.
  • Other: Any 3D, graphics, or Fine Art work which may be interesting - we do not expect to see only Textiles work in the portfolio.

Step 4: Interview

Our Interview Week takes place in February each year. You will receive an invitation to an Interview Day by email, which will give you the opportunity to book a specific date and time slot via an online form.

We will interview all students who meet or are predicted to meet the University entry criteria, and you will be invited to attend shortly after the deadline for your application closes. You will be given a choice of dates so you can choose a time convenient for your travel arrangements and other commitments – we know it's a busy time and you may have several other interviews to attend. We would recommend setting aside a whole day for your interview as we will provide an opportunity to look around the department, to meet staff and students and to see work, studios and facilities. This is particularly important if you haven’t managed to get to an Open Day.

The interviews are usually around 20 minutes each and a member of the Textiles staff along with a final year student will look through your portfolio with you, and ask you some questions about the work, why you would like to study here on this course and then about you and your own interests. We try not to ask very difficult or tricky questions, as we realise you will probably be nervous. At the end of the interview you will have the opportunity to ask questions, the students are there to answer anything you might like to know about life on campus or their perspective on things in general.

Step 5: Offer

If you are successful at interview, you will recieve a conditional or unconditional offer of a place on our course before 31 March.

Step 6: Decision

You will have until 6 May to respond to UCAS with your decision about which of your offers you want to select as your Firm and Insurance choices.

Step 7: Results

On A Level results day, applicants will be able to log onto UCAS Track and view the decision made by their first choice University.