Creative Arts


Rebecca Wymark

Photo of  Rebecca Wymark

AA2A Artist

Driving my practice is the aim to explore the spatial and material landscape of my most immediate environment: the home. I have done this by taking apart everyday objects and materials and reforming them into ambiguous compositions in my prints. Haptic relief monoprints depict soft fabrics and thread that has been stripped from everyday objects. Hands on processes of plaiting, sewing, tearing, cutting and assembling are discreetly documented in the surface of the prints; the intricate detailing encouraging the viewer to get up close and examine the print surface.

Access to the facilities would provide me with the opportunity to experiment with a variety of printmaking methods, increase the scale of my work and allow me to experiment with alternative modes of display. I intend to explore a variety of printmaking techniques with the aim to combine them with drawing, altering the complexity and effect of the final image.

The creative and social culture of the university studios was essential to moulding my creative practice. A chance to return to this environment, after a year of professional practice, would enable me to share my experiences of during and after uni, knowledge of technical processes and allow me to draw inspiration from the students and lecture programme. As part of the programme I am open to demonstrating my use of printmaking processes and discussing my practice with the students.