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Lauren Fretwell

Photo of  Lauren Fretwell

AA2A Artist

I am a contemporary dance artist and performance artist, recently moving on to screen dance and video art. My practice comes from a feminist perspective in which I push the boundaries of female representation. My study determines the difference between radical feminist performance and transgressive performance. Working with themes of transgressive femininity results in creating parody-based performances. I have previously worked on parody performances where I make a mockery of women, but yet it empowers women to explore their individuality and creativity, as well as being entertaining.

The AA2A scheme will provide me the opportunity to continue and extend my research on transgressive femininity and will give me the opportunity to explore the grotesque performer further. I aim to create a grotesque piece of work with influence from Liz Aggiss and Bobby Baker. Additional influences include Carolee Schneemann, Hannah Wilke, Pina Bausch and Polly Nor’s illustrations.