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Emily Arnold

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AA2A Artist

I am a multi-media artist with a particular interest in printmaking and alternative photography. My work is characterised by a fascination with traces, memory and an attraction to the colour blue. My work explores ideas around memory, remembrance and communication of memory in a digital age. I create distorted and ephemeral imagery that invite a nostalgic response from the viewer and raise questions about what we leave behind in this world and how we remember things, both individually and collectively. My recent work has been exploring the concept of memory using photography and found objects, particularly focussing on the process of producing cyanotypes transferring images onto different surfaces and objects.

Since graduating from Loughborough University with a Fine Art BA (2018) I have been working on honing my cyanotype imagery on a small scale but will use the AA2A scheme to expand on my ideas and the size of my work. The technical facilities and support will be significantly beneficial to continuing and improving my practice.