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Céline Siani Djiakoua

Photo of  Céline Siani Djiakoua

AA2A Artist

The project I want to undertake through AA2A would come along and enrich a residency I have been invited to complete in 2019-20, which would be the first part in the long-term project of creating an interactive artist book mixing fine art and crafts techniques and new technologies. During the residency, taking place in Nottingham at the Bromley House Library, as well as at the Near Now studios (art and technology hub), I will be researching the untouched collection of travel and autobiographical books of the 19th century; more specifically, looking at illustrations about Africa. Throughout this project, I am interested in experimenting with innovative ways of presenting multi-layered and interwoven narratives that refer to colonisation, exploring the story of my own imaginary relationship to a particular African female water spirit, appearing in my drawings as a winged mermaid.