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Phil Sawdon

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Honorary Fellow

Phil Sawdon was a Senior Lecturer in the School. He is currently an Honorary Fellow and from 1999 -2015 he was a director of TRACEY drawing and visualization research.

Together with Russell Marshall and Marsha Meskimmon, he is a general editor of the academic drawing series Drawing In (I.B. Tauris).

His works include books on aspects of contemporary drawing, drawing fictions and exhibitions of drawing.  

Phil is also one half of humhyphenhum – a creative research collaboration with Deborah Harty. The hums are primarily concerned with processes of drawing, including moving image, within the context of contemporary fine art; employing drawing as a means to generate understanding and further knowledge in response to a given theme.

He publishes widely and in many varied formats including edited books on contemporary drawing with I.B. Tauris and Intellect. 

Book titles include Drawing - The Purpose (Intellect, 2008), Drawing Now: Between the Lines of Contemporary Art (I.B. Tauris, 2007), Hyperdrawing: Beyond the Lines of Contemporary Art (I.B. Tauris with Russell Marshall, 2012), Drawing Ambiguity: Beside the Lines of Contemporary Art (I.B. Tauris with Russell Marshall, 2015) and Drawing Difference: Connections Between Gender and Drawing (I.B. Tauris with Marsha Meskimmon, 2015).

His drawing fictions have appeared in Nyx, Fukt magazine of contemporary drawing, Versal, Danse Macabre, Stimulus Respond, Gone Lawn and soanyway.

He works with Deborah Harty as the creative drawing research collaboration humhyphenhum.

Several of his publications and outcomes can be viewed in the Loughborough University Institutional Repository and on his personal website available in the Links section below.

Phil has examined and supervised a number of PhDs in the field of contemporary fine art and contemporary drawing.

Phil’s completed supervisions include:

  • Deborah Harty: Drawing/experience: a process of translation
  • Lucy O’Donnell: Drawing Vignettes: ... perpetual becoming(s)
  • Laura Wild: Becoming Invisible: Art and Day-to-Day Life
  • Ming-Hsueh Lee: Art-like: Problems and contradictions in developing an artistic research
  • Juliet MacDonald: Drawing around the body: The manual and visual practice of drawing and the embodiment of knowledge (Leeds Metropolitan University)
  • Rob Ward: The hunting of the duckrabbit: in pursuit of an aesthetics of knowledge

Featured publications 

'Towards [hyper] drawing ... through ambiguity' (with Russell Marshall), Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice, Volume 1, Issue 2, 2016.

‘Interweaving in Hybrid Methodologies’ (with Deborah Harty), Journal of Visual Art Practice, Volume 15, issue 1, 2016.

Drawing Difference: Connections Between Gender and Drawing (co-authored with Marsha Meskimmon), I.B. Tauris, 2015.

Drawing Ambiguity: beside the Lines of Contemporary Art (edited with Russell Marshall), I.B. Tauris, 2015.

‘Frontline Aside[s]: A Drifting Exchange’, Anchor, Marmalade publishing, 2015.

‘The Fictional Museum of Drawing’, Fukt Magazine of contemporary drawing, issue 13, 2014.

‘Drawn and Rendered’; ‘The Drawing Frame’; ‘This Is Not the Drawing. This Is the Exact Imitation of One’, Versal, issue 11, 2013.

Hyperdrawing: Beyond the Lines of Contemporary Art (edited with Russell Marshall), I.B. Tauris, 2012.

‘The taste of tree?’ (with Deborah Harty), Journal of Artistic Research, issue 2, online, uploaded 2012.

‘From fail to first: revising assessment criteria in art and design’, (with Robert Harland), Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education, 10 (1), 2012, pp. 67 - 88.

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