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Dr Pete Templeton

Photo of Dr Pete  Templeton

I obtained my PhD from Loughborough in 2013. I have taught across a wide range of English and American Studies modules here since 2011.

Currently, I am responsible for convening the second year module 'Diverse Voices', in which students analyse contemporary British literature alongside postcolonial theory. In semester one, I also contribute to teaching on the modules 'America at War' and 'Narrative Forms and Fiction'.

My main research interests are American and British literature, particularly in transatlantic and transnational contexts. Currently I am working on a monograph entitled “Natural Right and Natural Reason”: Jefferson and the Politics of Nineteenth-Century Southern Pastoral. Along with my colleague, Dr Oliver Tearle, I am also in the early stages of a new interdisciplinary project entitled ‘Nationhood and the Great War, 1905-1922’.


‘“Different instincts, different appetites, different morals, and a different culture”: Dickens, Trollope and the Pastoral Self-Image of the Antebellum South’, Symbiosis: A Journal of Anglo-American Literary Relations, 18.1, April 2014.






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