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Dr Tania Ganitsky

Photo of Dr Tania Ganitsky

Research Associate in Applied Storytelling

I come from Bogotá, Colombia. I joined Loughborough University as a Research Associate in Applied Storytelling in 2019 after completing a PhD in Philosophy and Literature at the University of Warwick. My thesis: “Unworking Poetic Address: A Comparative Study on Emily Dickinson, Maurice Blanchot, Paul Celan and Jean-Luc Nancy” puts theories of reception in dialogue with philosophies and poetics of incompleteness.

I have won two national poetry awards in Colombia and published three collections: Dos cuerpos menos won the Colombian Premio Nacional de Poesía Obra Inédita in 2014. Cráter (2017) is the result of a collaboration with visual artist José Sarmiento and was funded by Bogotá’s Arts Council as part of an illustrated poetry series edited by La Jaula Publicaciones. My latest book, Desastre lento, was published by La Universidad Externado de Colombia and a special edition of this book is currently being reedited by Frailejón Editores. I have translated poems by Michael Palmer, Claudia Rankine, Jack Spicer, and Sujata Bhatt for Latin American publications. My own poems have been included in anthologies in Latin America, the U.S. and Europe.

I co-founded and coedit La trenza, a feminist fanzine that promotes an artistic and reflective approach to contemporary poetry written by women-identifying Colombian poets. It brings together the work of visual artists and poets. I also write essays and book reviews for relevant cultural magazines in Colombia.



As a Research Associate in Applied Storytelling I am currently working on two main research projects in Colombia that relate Storytelling to environmental issues. They both involve the páramo ecosystem and are funded by NERC  —Natural Environment Research Council— and the AHRC —Arts and Humanities Research Council UK—, under the Exploring & Understanding Colombian Bio Resources Programme (2018-2021). Storytelling will be used to map cultural values in order to see how best to incorporate and optimise the combination of biodiversity, ecosystem services, and cultural values within natural resource management.

As an active member of the Colombian research Group on Law and Violence, I do research on contemporary Colombian poetry of violence from the angles of memory, mourning and ecopoetics. The group is currently editing the transcripts in Spanish and English of a seminar held in 2013 with philosopher J.L. Nancy (The Unstoppable Murmur of Being-Together) and my article “Memory, Nature and Violence in 13 Contemporary Colombian Poems” will be published in the fall 2019 edition of the journal Diálogo of the Center for Latino Research at DePaul University in Chicago.

My research into Philosophy and Literature combines ethics and aesthetics by focusing on poetics and philosophies of reception and incompleteness. I explore this in post-war poetics, narratives of conflict and testimony, literary theory, and lyric theory.  

I recently taught across the Philosophy and English and Comparative Literature Departments at The University of Warwick. I taught “Feminism and Philosophy” and “Modern World Literature.” I was also a guest lecturer on “Emily Dickinson’s Poetics of Squander” at Roehampton University in London.