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Stuart Franey

Photo of  Stuart  Franey

University Teacher in Creative Digital Technologies

Stuart has worked at Loughborough University for 10 years, having previously taught at The Royal College of Art. He is currently studying part-time for an MA in User Experience at Loughborough Design School. His recent research is based on panoramic photography. 

The clients he has produced work for include: 

Tate Modern "Browsing Bankside" Exhibition (1997) 

Springvale Community Garden (2020) 

Bradgate Park Memorial Garden (2020) (Music - 2 Door Cinema Club)

Leicester Guildhall (2020) 

He is a Director, of the International Virtual Reality Professionals Association.

His current project is based in Bradgate Park, where he is working with the park staff to develop a solution to encourage broader use of the park.

Creative Arts teacher produces virtual tour of Bradgate Park

He has a passion for growing things, cycling, and playing music.

MA Graphic Design and Visualisation

SAP004 - Exploring Materials, Processes and Techniques

SAP009 - Final Project


BA Graphic Communication and Illustration

SAA801 - Visual Research in Practice

SAA802 - Visual Methods in Practise

SAB803 - Content and Context: Society, Culture and Economy

SAC807 - Synergising Directions in Graphic Communication and Illustration Practice 

SAC809 - Focusing Directions in Graphic Communication and Illustration Practice


Art and Design Foundation Studies (Visual Communication pathway)

SAQ001 - Animation and Motion Graphics

Stuart is currently studying part-time on the MA User Experience Design course, at Loughborough University. He has worked on design solutions for Dunelm and Fearon Hall Community Centre. His final project is based in Bradgate Park.