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Dr Fred Dalmasso

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Screenwriter, theatre director and performer, Fred Dalmasso joined Loughborough in 2016, having previously taught at the University of Worcester. He holds an MA in Comparative Literature from the University of Paris X-Nanterre and an MA in History of Art from the University of Reading. He gained his PhD from Loughborough University in 2012; his thesis explored French philosopher Alain Badiou’s theatre. He has trained at the École du Théâtre National de Chaillot (Paris) and worked in the theatre industry in France and Ireland. He is the artistic director of the performance group collect-ifs. His main areas of research are practice-based theatre translation and the relationship between performance, theatre, philosophy and politics. His teaching focuses on 20th and 21st century theatre and performance in their interaction with politics and philosophy and movement-based theatre practice.

This academic year, Fred is module convenor for ‘Acting and the Classics’, ‘Brecht: the Critical Stage’, ‘Theatre and its Histories’ and ‘Performance Philosophy’ and contributing to ‘Creative Dissent: Protest, Activism and Art’ and 'Word and Image: Verbo-visual exchange in art and literature’. He is also co-supervising a PhD on Japanese Otome Bunraku and the Materials of Puppeteer Presence.

Fred is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Fred's research interests include theatre adaptation and practice-based theatre translation, particularly the translation of rhythm. He also researches the possible interaction(s) between performance, theatre, philosophy and politics, specifically what he defines as ‘theatres of inexist[a]nce’ and ‘syncopolitics’.

Current publication projects include a book, Transitory Theatre - a cross-examination of French philosopher Alain Badiou’s theatre, philosophy and politics; an article on syncopolitics for Performance Philosophy journal to develop the notion he introduced in Syncope in Visual and Performing Arts (Paris, Via Artis, 2017). He is also working on an article for a special issue of the journal Humanities on the topic of drama and the public sphere.

As part of his practice as research, Fred has recently co-written, a stage adaptation of John Schad’s documentary novel Someone Called Derrida. The play entitled Last Train has been performed at several venues in the UK, including The Ortus in London with support from South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and more recently at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford.

Fred also recently started to work more with film and has made a documentary film based on John Schad’s novel The Late Walter Benjamin, set in 1948 on London-overspill council estate South Oxhey. The film Nowhere Near Utopia documents the lives of bombed-out Londoners and that of newcomers to the estate. It focuses not only on the very early days of the estate but also the racial and political tensions experienced there in the 1970s and how those tensions resonate with the estate as it is today. The film will premiere at the Watford Palace Theatre in 2016 along with a stage adaptation of the same material. The play, which Fred directs and performs in, has been touring since and the next performance will take place at The Storey in Lancaster on 27th October 2018.

Fred is co-convenor of the Theatre, Performance and Philosophy working group at TaPRA (Theatre and Performance Research Association). This year, he has co-organised a symposium entitled Reaching/Outreaching on the practices and the politics of outreach at Loughborough-London (June 2018)

Fred is convenor of Loughborough Theatre and Performance Research Group. He recently organised an international conference at Loughborough-London entitled ‘Stages of Utopia, 50 years On’ (May 2018).

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Public Engagement

  • (performance) Benjamin, a play by John Schad directed and performed by Fred Dalmasso (The Storey, Lancaster, October 2018)
  • (public walk, performance and discussion) as part of Instant Dissidence’s One Last Dance - An Chéad Damhsa (Dance4 Nottingham, September 2018)
  • (sound and performance installation) Rhythm Resilience Project, in collaboration with performance-poet David ‘Stickman’ Higgins and hip-hop artist Jugga-naut and funded by The National Academics and Creatives Exchange (2018)
  • (documentary film) Nowhere Near Utopia (2016)
  • (performance) John Schad’s Nowhere Near London (directing and performing): Watford Palace Theatre (2016),
  • (co-adaptation and performance) Last Train (2012-2017: Oxford Playhouse, Lancaster Dukes Theatre as part of LitFest, The Ortus (London) with support from South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, Worcester Royal Infirmary Hospital, Arts at the Old Firestation - Oxford, Judith E. Wilson Studio - Cambridge, Sheldonian Theatre - Oxford)
  • (performance) Bernard Marie Koltès’ In the Solitude of the Cotton Fields (directing), Biennale BM Koltès, Metz (France) Oct. 2014

Membership of editorial boards

  • Editorial Board member for the Via Artis series (Paris, Editions Le Manuscrit)

Membership of any relevant societies/organisations 

  • Co-convenor of the Theatre, Performance and Philosophy research group at TaPRA
  • Member of the Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques (SACD), France
  • Member of EURODRAM (European network for drama in translation) English Committee


Public talks/conference papers

  • ‘Dramaturgies of syncopolitics or fleeing as a mode of thought’, TaPRA annual conference, Aberystwyth University, September 2018
  • ‘Withdrawn Images and Syncopolitics’ – Syncope: Exhibition Launch, FRAC Picardie, March 2016
  • ‘Stages of Statelessness’ – Institutions, Politics, Performance conference, Green Park, Athens, September 2015
  • ‘Ethics of Play in Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s Life and Times’ - TaPRA (Theatre, Performance & Philosophy) Conference, University of Worcester, September 2015
  • ‘Badiou’s Ethics of Play or How to Perform Inexist[a]nce’ - Ethics of Play international conference organised by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Philosophy, and Charles University, Faculty of Humanities, Prague, November 2014
  • ‘The Groundless Performer’ (in collaboration with performer Lee Hassall) - Helsinki International Platform for Performer Training conference, Theatre Academy, January 2014
  • ‘The Prompting of Screen Presence on Stage’ - Cinema in theatre in French and English- speaking cultures international conference organised by Lyon 2 University, ENS-Lyon, Paris 13 University, the New York University in Paris and RADAC, Lyon, December 2013
  • ‘A Badiouan Out-Of-Body Experience’ - Performance & Mystical Experience (TaPRA Theatre, Performance & Philosophy Symposium), Queen Mary, London University, May 2013
  • ‘Body Traces and Rhythm Politics’ - What is Performance Philosophy? - Staging a new field Performance-Philosophy inaugural conference, University of Surrey, April 2013
  • 'Looking for Koltès - Practice-based Translation, Rhythm and Politics' - (Collaborative keynote delivered with Roger Baines (UEA) and David ‘Stickman’ Higgins) Drama Translation in the Age of Globalisation: Paradoxes and Paradigms, University of Salford, March 2013
  • Performing Politics as Inexist[a]nce’ - TaPRA (Theatre, Performance & Philosophy) Conference, University of Kent, September 2012
  • 'Subjective Pile Up (Badiouan questioning of Willi Dorner’s Bodies In Urban Spaces)’ - Actor, Performer, Citizen: Thinking new modes of being in Performance & Philosophy, PSi Performance and Philosophy Working Group, Theatre Academy, Helsinki, April 2011
  • ‘Alain Badiou’s staging of the migrant worker as a political subject’ - Theatre and the Making of Subjects, German Society for Theatre Studies, Mainz, October 2010
  • ‘Presence: a laicised grace? (A Badiouan take on presence)’ - Performing Presence: From The Live To The Simulated, University of Exeter, March 2009