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Alan Duncan

Photo of  Alan Duncan

University Teacher in Photography

Alan is a photographer working within the Creative Digital Technologies hub who worked within the commercial photographic sector providing quality photographs for design and advertising agencies before joining the School of the Arts. As well as producing photographs Alan also provided a fine art black and white printing service for photographers and agencies and his prints have been used in national campaigns and have been exhibited internationally.

Alan currently teaches on all programmes within the School of the Arts delivering workshops, seminars and lectures to foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate taught students on a variety of photographic techniques and processes. Alan is also responsible for two professionally equipped studios, processing rooms and darkrooms.

Alan’s current main area of interest is the use of historical photographic processes within contemporary image making. The use of noble metals with state of the art digital processes is offering new ways of image making. This research is with colleagues within the school, cross-departmental collaborations and with outside consultants. Alan is also a member of a small collective know as photofiction who support each other in the exhibition and generation of new work.


SAZ001 - Foundation Programme
SAA123 - Introduction to Fine Art
SAA124 - Developing Fine Art Practice
SAA611 - Visual Research for Textiles
SAA801 - Visual Research in Practice
SAA302 - Communicating Concepts
SAB114 - Siting Fine Art Practice
SAB115 - Fine Art Practice
SAB306 - Atelier to Factory
SAB621 - Materials, Processes and Conceptual Application
SAB424 - Graphic Design for Society
SAC632 - Final Project Textiles Studio Practice
SAC116 - Professional Fine Art Practice
SAC117 - Fine Art Practice: Final Project
SAP001 - Proposing Practice