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Re-imagining Citizenship

Re-imagining Citizenship is an ongoing interdisciplinary project, a collaboration of the Politicized Practice, Anarchism and Theatre Activism Research Groups. The project as produced a series of exhibitions, a risographed print-run of an interactive publication, the Re-imagining Citizenship Activity Book, and an online Living Archive, featured at the Venice Biennale in 2019 with accompanying workshops. See


Direct connections to the Re-imagining Citizenship project will be made by SAB935 Creative Dissent undergraduate students connecting up and sharing creative responses to the idea of citizenship and what it means to students at HE Institution ORIPA, Odessa, Ukraine. This is part of an LU exchange partnership developed over the last two years and through Professor Svetlana Ovcharenko and the Museum of Modern Art Odessa.

More Re-imagining Citizenship Activity Book workshops are planned for Helsinki (Fred Dalmasso) and Bologna (Sophia Kier-Byfield and Tom Nys)

An AHRC grant networking bid is in planning for submission in 2020.



May-November - Re-imagining Citizenship Activity Book, and the online Living Archive, featured and on exhibition at Palazzo Mora at the European Cultural Centre as part of the Venice Bienale. A series of accompanying workshops have been held including Gillian Whiteley’s Be a Citizen Pamphleteer! and Sophia Kier-Byfield and Tom Nys’ workshop Re-imagining the Family which involved two collective reading groups.

July-August – Re-imagining Citizenship booth hosted by Nottingham Contemporary one of their public spaces 



A Re-imagining Citizenship exhibition was held in Martin Hall, Loughborough University May to October 2018

See FINAL Combined exhibits info and bios for a list of contributors to the exhibition


  •   Wednesday 13th March  - launch event 4pm 

Join us for the opening

What is at stake in re-imagining new forms of citizenship and
modes of civic participation? How can the notion of
citizenship - in our trans/post-national society - be
reconfigured without subjection? How can it help us to
transform our practices, behaviours and environments?
The exhibition brings together a range of audio-visual and
text-based responses with contributions by students,
researchers and artists from across and beyond the University.
Come and test your citizenship knowledge and help devise a
series of counter questions with Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  • Wednesday 20th March - 4pm

The launch of the Re-imagining Citizenship Activity Book and the Reimagining
Citizenship Living Archive, an ongoing generative
resource for future research, educational initiatives, local
and community-based workshops and temporary online

  • Wednesday 20th March 11am – 1pm in MHL117a/b

Institute of Advanced Studies/Nation/Reimagining Citizenship event invited Dutch artist Jonas Staal, talk and buffet lunch. 

Jonas Staal is a visual artist whose work deals with the relation between art,
propaganda, and democracy. He is the founder of the artistic and political
organization New World Summit (2012–ongoing) and the campaign New
Unions (2016–ongoing).

  • Wednesday 27th March - 12:30pm – 3pm in MH Exhibition Space

Buffet lunch followed by talk and live performance with Portuguese
artist/dancer Rita Marcalo.
Re-imagine, participate, respond! Help us develop and share
new, creative approaches to citizenship!

Re-imagining Citizenship is a collaborative project initiated by the
Politicized Practice/Anarchism/Theatre Activism Research Groups at
Loughborough University. The project is supported by the Institute of
Advanced Studies and Enterprise Projects Group