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Cultural Currents 1870-1930

Cultural Currents ‘Cultural Currents 1870-1930’ researches the literature and culture of the late-Victorian and Modernist periods. Its work encompasses literary and cultural criticism, textual editing, digital scholarship, and publishing history, with interdisciplinary links to visual art, politics, history, and gender and sexuality studies. More information on the group can be found at:

Members are engaged in individual and collaborative research projects, which include:

  • Oceanic Exchanges: Tracing Global Information Networks In Historical Newspaper Repositories, 1840-1914 (Emily Bell, History)
  • Editing the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh (Barbara Cooke, English)
  • Monograph project: The Modernist Exoskeleton: Insects, War, Literary Form (Rachel Murray, Doctoral Prize Fellow in English)
  • Wrestling Resurgence project which aims to explore wrestling as an artistic practice through live wrestling shows (Claire Warden, Drama)

More information about current projects, including doctoral research, can found on our blog.

For group members’ publications, see their individual staff profiles (linked under ‘People’ tab).


The research group is co-convened by Anne-Marie Beller and Sarah Parker.

Members from across the Creative Arts, Social Sciences and the Humanities are listed below.



Anne-Marie Beller, Emily Bell, Carol Bolton, Barbara Cooke, Jennifer Cooke, Kerry Featherstone, Rachael GrewSarah Parker, Oliver Tearle, Wim van Mierlo, Nick Freeman, Rachel Murray, Claire O'Callaghan, Claire Warden, Peter Yeandle.


Eleanor Dumbill, Aaron Eames, Oliver Haslam, Olivia Mitchell, Joanna Turner