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Animation Academy

The Animation Academy is a centre for animation research, scholarship, practice and exhibition, embracing tradition and progress, education and industry, art and commerce; and dedicated to excellence at a national and international level in all its activities.

The Animation Academy believes that:

  • Animation occupies a cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary space between graphic design, illustration, fine-art-making, and visual practices in production and exhibition contexts.
  • Animation is a versatile cross-platform medium, in feature films and TV sit-coms; cartoons and avant garde shorts; web-sites, ads and on mobile phones. This ironically, heightens its presence while diluting its profile.
  • Animation has been misunderstood as a marginalised form and mainly as a children’s entertainment, when in reality, it is a radical and progressive art-form and practical application.
  • Animation is the only art to remain consistently and insistently experimental as it grows in mass popularity and acceptance.
  • Animation should be addressed through properly integrated methods of theory and practice, and include historical, critical and practical methodologies.
  • Animation should be more acknowledged and recognised for its achievements, impact and continuing significance in the contemporary world

Our key areas of work include:

  • Postgraduate courses and Research opportunities
  • Project development with Academic, Cultural and Commercial Institutions
  • Funded research projects and initiatives.

The Animation Collection

The Animation Academy is a co-partner with the National Media Museum in Bradford, the British Film Institute, and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in the Association of British Animation Collections (ABAC).

This initiative is seeking to operate as an umbrella organisation to co-ordinate information and policy about the preservation, conservation and promotion of British animation collections for the purposes of research and exhibition, and the advancement of the British animation legacy and cultural heritage.

The Animation Academy Collection includes materials and artwork from:

  • Animation People
  • Halas & Batchelor
  • Hot Animation
  • Silver Fox / Hibbert Ralph
  • Triffic Films
  • Right Angle Productions
  • Wilf Irwin Rostrum Cameras

Productions represented include The First Snows of Winter, The Forgotten Toys, William’s Wish Wellingtons, 2DTV, I Am Not An Animal, Bob the Builder, Pingu, Fireman Sam, The Canterbury Tales, Animated World Faiths and numerous commercials / interstitials.


Whispers and Wererabbits: Claire Jennings

[Featuring Claire Jennings, Nick Park [Aardman], Sue Goffe (Studio AKA), Henry Selick (LAIKA) and Jeffrey Katzenberg (Dreamworks SKG)]


Mackinnon and Saunders: A Model Studio

[Featuring Ian Mackinnon, Peter Saunders, Tim Burton, Barry Purves and the staff of Mackinnon and Saunders puppet-making and production studio]


Inside the Green Book: The Life and Work of Geoff Dunbar

[Featuring Geoff Dunbar, Sir Paul McCartney, Peter Lord and Oscar Grillo]


An Animated Utopia: The Life and Achievement of John Halas 1912-1995

[Featuring former practitioners of the Halas & Batchelor Studio and the films of the Halas & Batchelor Collection]

Animation Therapy: The Good Hearts Model

In association with HEART (Healing Education Animation Research Therapy), Melanie Hani continues her pioneering work using ‘The Good Hearts Model’. This includes the Cultural Rivers project involving first generation immigrant children residing in Loughborough, and will gain further roll-out in the Academy’s ‘MA Animation Therapy’ and related PhD projects.

The AVA/Bloomsbury Publication Collection

Fundamentals of Animation (Professor Paul Wells and Samantha Moore) 2016 (2nd ed)
An overview of animation production from First thought to Festival, including contributions from seven Animation Academy lecturers and practitioners, Barry Purves, Gerald Scarfe, Minoru Maeda, Brownbag, Pixar Animation, Hibbert Ralph, Chris Shepherd, Suzie Hanna, Koji Yamamura, Eric Fogel, Mike Frierson, Elizabeth Hobbs. Maureen Sellwood and Seed Animation
[First edition, 2006, also published in German, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Chinese]

Digital Animation (Andrew Chong) 2008
A historical overview and analysis of digital animation, including works by Pixar Animation, Marc Craste, Al + Al, Christin Bolewski, Rod Lord, and the National Space Centre, UK
[also published in Spanish]

Drawing for Animation (Professor Paul Wells) 2009
A collaboration with internationally renown, multi-award winning director Joanna Quinn, addressing both classical and non-classical approaches to drawing, including contributions from Frederic Back, Michael Dudok de Wit, Luis Cook, Bill Plympton, Deanna Marsigliese, Michel Ocelot, Paul Driessen, Gerrit Van Dyck, Peter Parr, Tim Fernee, Curtis Jobling, Let Me Feel Your Finger First, Supinfocom, and Richard Reeves.
[Also published in Spanish and Chinese]

Re-Imagining Animation: The Changing Face of Moving Images (Professor Paul Wells and Johnny Hardstaff) 2009
A collaboration addressing the ways in which animation has now become understood as central to moving image practice and production, with contributions from Pierre Hebert, Joanna Priestley, Marjane Satrapi, Don Hertzfeldt, Miriam Thyes, PES, Eric Dyer, Peter Tscherkassky and Steve Reinke.

Animation and Public Engagement

Animation and Public Engagement Symposium: Bradford Animation Festival, National Media Museum, Bradford, Nov 2014.

Animation, Sport and Culture: Publications, screenings, lectures, sports matches and initiatives relating animation and sport, including events in London, York, Utrecht and Amsterdam.

Animation and Communication: Contributions to on-line MOOCs, Council information sharing strategies, international public health and safety campaigns, public history films.

Conference keynotes and panels

Kovasznai Exhibition, Somerset House, London (March 2016) Paul Wells on panel addressing the exhibition of Kovasznai's art and animation at Somerset House, whichalso featured William Kentridge

Association of Teachers of Media (ATOM), Melboure, Australia (July 2016)  Paul Wells gave the keynote address at the 2016 ATOM Conference talking about the place of animation in the curriculum from primary schooling to postgraduate education

International Festival of Film for Children and Youth, Zlin, Czech Republic (May-June 2016) Paul Wells was chair of the jury at the International Festival of Film for Children and Youth, the biggest of its kind in Europe

Smallfilms Exhibition, V & A Museum of Childhood, London (March-April 2016) The Animation Academy was a consultant for the Smallfilms Exhibition

A History of Animation in 100 Objects, V & A Museum of Childhood, London (September 2016) Paul Wells gave the keynote address at the 'Lurching Charm' Symposium delivered as an epic poem


2010 - 2016


Fundamentals of Animation (2nd ed), Paul Wells and Samantha Moore, London : Bloomsbury


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Animation, Andrew Selby, London: Laurence King Publishing



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Basics Animation: Drawing for Animation, Paul Wells, Joanna Quinn, Les Mills, Lausanne: AVA

Re-imagining Animation: Contemporary Moving Image Cultures, Paul Wells and Johnny Hardstaff, Lausanne: AVA,


Basics Animation: Scriptwriting, Paul Wells, Lausanne: AVA

Basics Animation: Digital Animation, Andrew Chong, Lausanne: AVA


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Book chapters

2010 - 2016


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Academic journals

2010 - 2016

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Wells, P, Disney, S, Aardman, A, Brownbag, F, Purves, B, Animation at the Ark, Group exhibition, Dublin Feb-Mar 2002; touring Apr-Jun 2002. Curation. All contextual exhibition materials for exhibited Animation process artworks; production script for school's exhibition tour


2010 - 2016

Massive On-Line Learning Courses (MOOC): Business Studies, Andrew Chong, 3 minute instructional film | Commissioned By LU School of Business and Economics

‘Trios’ : Effective Information Sharing, Paul Wells, 6 x 30 second animated public information films| Commissioned by LU School Of Business and Economics and Leicestershire County Council

Mackinnon and Saunders: A Model Studio, Paul Wells, 65 minute documentary | Commissioned by Bradford Animation Festival

Spring Energy : Oil Production Processes, 5 x 10 minute Public Information Films, Paul Wells (Script) | Commissioned by RENDER, Stavanger, Norway

An Animated Utopia: The Life and Achievement of John Halas, Paul Wells, 65 minute documentary | Commissioned by Bradford Animation Festival

SEAT On-Line Promotion, Paul Wells (Direction), Andrew Chong (Editing) / Design School | Commissioned by SEAT

Inside the Green Book: The Life and Animation of Geoff Dunbar, Paul Wells, 48 minute Documentary | Commissioned by Bradford Animation Festival

1000 Years, 10 Minute Public Information Film, Hyunseok Lee (Direction) Paul Wells (Script and Narration), Andrew Chong (Editing) | Commissioned by the Korean Bienniel Festival, Seoul


Taking the Country Road: The Film Craft of Tony Fish, Paul Wells, 25 minute Documentary | Commissioned by Bradford Animation Festival

Fab Four to Ethel & Ernest: A Tribute to John Coates & TVC, Paul Wells, 25 minute Documentary | Commissioned by Bradford Animation Festival

Ruddigore / Tales of Hoffnung, Paul Wells, Vivian Halas and DP Blue, Consultancy (Research, Script, Commentary). DVD. (Exec Producer: Vivien Halas)

Animation Nation, Paul Wells and BBC Bristol, Consultancy (Research, Script, Interview), 3x60 mins BBC Television Programmes (Exec Producer: Tom Ware)

  • Members:
    Alastair Adams, Christin Bolewski, Andrew Chong, Ben Dolman, Simon Downs, Stuart Franey, Melanie Hani, Andrew Selby, Paul Wells
  • PGR Students:
    Tariq Alrimawi, Gillian Bliss, Lawrence Chuang, Violetta Dajanev, Kerry Drumm, Steve Henderson, David Herbert, Sarra Hornby, Seymour Lavine, Samantha Moore, Manki Park, Ross Winning, Ho Won Nah
  • Associate Members:
    Dr Hyunseok Lee, Dr Fabin Lin, Dr Tom Walsh, Dr Mario Minichiello