Creative Arts

Postgraduate research

The Creative Arts offers an exciting interdisciplinary research environment. Our research students are supported by our expert staff who have a diverse range of research interests and experience. Becoming a postgraduate research student in the Creative Arts gives you the opportunity to work within an informal and friendly environment, whilst also becoming part of an innovative research community.

Students have access to shared working space and other facilities within the Creative Arts. Students can apply for funding for presenting at conferences. In addition to the University’s extensive training provision, the Creative Arts organises a more specific programme tailored to the needs of research in this area, which includes practice-based methodologies.

Postgraduate study in the Creative Arts offers opportunities for students to meet regularly with other students and academic staff by means of research forums, research seminars and involvement in research groups.

Each student has two supervisors who provide academic support. Additional support and advice is provided by the Director of Research Degree Programmes and the Research Student Administrator.

We encourage students to present at conferences, publish, exhibit their work, and to contribute to our lively research community.

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