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25 Sep 2019

Fine Art reader returns to China with a five-metre sculpture for new exhibition

John Atkin, sculptor and Fine Art reader at Loughborough, will see his work included in the Human and Nature International Sculpture Exhibition, in Zhengzhou, China, after his submission was chosen from over 2,000 sculpture proposals from across the world.

Twister (2019) is a five-metre tall granite sculpture which was inspired by the many studies Atkin has made of the “sentinels” watching over the Emperor Xin in his afterlife, also known as the Terracotta Warriors.

The creation of Twister coincides with Tsinghua Art Museum’s seminal Everlasting Like the Heavens exhibition, which celebrates the cultures and arts of the Zhou, Qin, Han, and Tang dynasties. Zhengzhou itself is an ancient city and the birthplace of the China Plains Culture. The city is a longstanding champion of the relationship between human and nature, hence commissioning an exhibition which aims to connect outdoor space with human creativity.

Once the exhibition has finished, Atkin’s sculpture will become part of Zhengzhou Municipal Park, stimulating discussion about ecology and increasing footfall to creative parks.

Atkin said: “I’m delighted to have been selected for this exhibition and continue the 12-year cultural exchange I’ve enjoyed with the Chinese arts community since making my landmark sculpture Strange Meeting for Olympic Park Beijing in 2008.

“I’d like to thank the China Sculpture Institute, Zhengzhou Municipal Peoples Government, Zhengzhou Gardens Bureau, and CAFA for their support in realising this project, as well as the continuing support of Loughborough University.”

Human and Nature will open on 26 September in Zhengzhou International Sculpture Park, China.

See more of Atkin’s work on Instagram and Twitter.

Image: Twister 2019: Work in progress at Mao Yidong factory, Beijing.