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14 Jan 2018

Supernatural anthology will be MA student's first published work

Author Kathryn Cockrill, who is completing her MA Creative Writing at Loughborough, has just finished work on Case Files of the Supernatural, a collection aimed at young adults.

Each story explores a different aspect of the supernatural, from demons to sirens, and takes the form of a case file that examines supernatural creatures from the perspective of the humans they have affected. Kathryn began writing the anthology while in the second year of her undergraduate English degree, also at Loughborough, and took inspiration from holidays to places such as Belgium and Canada.

She finally hit on the idea of a narrator – government agent Natalia Romano – to bring the collection together, and has now secured a publishing deal with Schreyer Ink. Case Files of the Supernatural will be available to buy later this month.

Kathryn said: “Both the MA and my undergraduate degree have been invaluable because they have helped me develop my writing to a standard where I felt comfortable sending it to publishers. The MA has also helped me understand how to take criticism in a way that can help my writing.”

Reflecting on the prospect of being a published author, she said: “When I started this project I wasn't expecting it to come as far as it has and that's an incredible feeling, especially knowing that soon people will be able to read my work. That moment of realisation happened for me when I was on a train and the person across from me was reading a book by an author I like. All of sudden I was struck by the thought that in a few months, I might be on a train and see someone reading my book. That would be incredible.”

Case Files of the Supernatural will be published on 20 January and officially launched on 15 February in the School of the Arts, Englisha and Drama: details will be confirmed shortly. You can also keep up-to-date with developments on Kathryn’s website.