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8 Jan 2018

“Leading voice” in animation wins outstanding contribution award

Professor Paul Wells, a scholar, screenwriter and director from the School of the Arts, English and Drama, has been chosen to receive the 2018 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Animation Studies, from the Animafest Zagreb Festival Council.

Described by the council as “one of the leading voices in the modern and contemporary animation studies,” Paul is also the Director of Loughborough University’s Animation Academy. His many publications are read and respected on a global scale.

The council said: “Writing synthetic overviews, introductory textbooks and innovative analysis of the most engaging phenomena, Wells has shown a diverse and inspiring taste for good animation, unique and deep insight into inner workings of the medium, nuanced appreciation of the art of animation and a genuine talent for knowledge dissemination.”

Paul will be presented with the award at the festival’s opening ceremony on 4 June 2018.