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2 Oct 2017

Animation meets sport in significant new exhibition and symposium

The Beautiful Frame: Animation and Sport is an exhibition of over 200 films, objects and artwork, opening at the National Football Museum, Manchester, in November 2017.

Curated by Professor Paul Wells, Director of the Animation Academy, Loughborough University, the world’s leading University for Sport, the Exhibition features a global roster of sportsmen and women, real and fictional, and sporting action played out through the imagination of some of animation’s greatest artists and studios.

Embracing Football, the Olympic games, the NFL, Tennis, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Ice Hockey, Swimming, and even imaginary sports, the Exhibition looks at the fans, the history and politics of sport, and aesthetic pleasures played out in animation’s depiction of sport. ‘Cracking !’ as Wallace might say to Gromit…..

From Supastrika Shakes to David Beckham, Roary the Racing Car to Lewis Hamilton, Basketball Jones to Michael Jordan, or Goofy to Usain Bolt, animation and sport share great characters in dramatic situations. But more than that, both animation and sport share dynamic action and exacting preparation and design. Both are characterised by some of the most exciting choreography and motion imaginable. 

To kick-off the exhibition there will be a two-day symposium with keynotes from Mike O’Mahony (University of Bristol) and John O’Shea (National Science and Media Museum, Bradford).

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