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1 Jul 2015

Publication of new TRACEY series book

This is the third book in the innovative TRACEY series on contemporary drawing edited by Russell Marshall and Phil Sawdon.

Drawing Ambiguity builds upon its predecessors, Drawing Now: Between the Lines of Contemporary Art, 2007 and Hyperdrawing: Beyond the Lines of Contemporary Art, 2012, by proposing that a position of ambiguity, a lack of definition, is not only desirable within fine art drawing but also necessary - having the capacity to enable and sustain drawing practices. What happens if we are ambivalent to what is a drawing, or what drawing is?

The editors Russell Marshall and Phil Sawdon bring together seven invited contributions to offer multiple perspectives from within and without the fine art drawing field to respond to these questions. Each contributor was offered the opportunity to acknowledge ambiguity within drawing as creatively informed by three overarching themes: William Empson's Seven Types of Ambiguity in literary prose, the logical fallacies of ambiguity, and grammatical prepositions.

There are contributions from the artist Ilana Halperin, the artist-researcher Deborah Harty, the artist and founder member of the group Underworld Karl Hyde, the creative collaboration of Kristen Kreider and James O'Leary, the artist, writer Michael Phillipson, the artist, academic Rob Ward, the series editors Russell Marshall and Phil Sawdon together with a contextual Introduction by the artist, writer, curator Derek Horton.