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4 Dec 2015

Nine Frames Project

A group of arts students is working with a local charity to unleash the artistic potential of a historic Loughborough building.

The Nine Frames Project is based on the top floor of the Towles Building, which is home to SOFA, a charity which offers an outlet for affordable re-used furniture and volunteering opportunities for the community. The project is open to anyone who would like to experience or create art in the space.

Tom Walker, a second-year Fine Art student in the School, said he was so impressed when he saw the interior architecture of the SOFA showroom that he wanted to draw on the potential of the Loughborough University art community to explore the building, and to encourage interaction with local people.

Tom said: "The reasoning of this event is to have as many local and exterior people employ and view this gorgeous space freely, to progress social and artistic thought in the area.

“Come and join us and have fun in a very unique event that expands on ideas never seen in Loughborough before.”

There is set no theme or title to the project – the name simply indicates the historic and social position of the project – and all forms of art, including sculpture, drawing, painting, performance and music, are invited. Anyone who would like to realise a large project or one that will require significant planning is asked to contact the organisers in advance: or 07469 880821 or 01509 262 557

The project will run until Thursday 10 December.