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9 Nov 2015

English student to publish sci-fi fantasy book

PhD English student Amanda Bigler is set to publish her first novel this month – and hopes it will be the first in a trilogy. Based around the concept of emotional vampirism – the physical need to manipulate and extract the emotions of others in order to live – The Takers centres on an 18-year-old high school student whose life is irreversibly changed by a freak car accident.

Amanda says she developed the idea for the book after watching a documentary on people who believe they are empaths: in other words, they can sense, feel, and feed on emotions. There are also allusions to Celtic lore and the symbol used on the front cover of The Takers resembles a triskelion. 

It took Amanda, who already has a short story published in a collection entitled Haunted, two years to write the book, with a further two years for editing and marketing. Amanda intends her latest work to be a trilogy and hopes to publish two further book.

The Takers is due to be published on 15 November in the United States of America and is available through online bookshops including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.