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25 April 2018 - 10 June 2018

‘Re-Making History’

Presented By Part A Textiles in collaboration with Charnwood Arts

About this event

Re-Making History is the fourth collaborative project with Jemma Bagley and Sarah Green of Charnwood Arts undertaken by 1st year BA (Hons) Textiles: Innovation and Design students in the School of the Arts, English and Drama (SAED).

This year, the students were given a brief to explore Loughborough and the surrounding area. Seeking out its rich heritage in UK textile production along with other industries such as bell founding and transport. Also, the compelling social history and in response to key periods and movements such as the Industrial Revolution and migration in the mid-twentieth century. Footprints of its history remain today in its archives, museums, parks, libraries, architecture, transport links, people and communities and more.

The students were encouraged to tap into local resources and explore an aspect of Loughborough’s local history to inspire a contemporary, innovative textile collection. Merging historical themes with contemporary textile design to develop an individual response to their chosen subject matter. More specifically, they were asked to explore the links between drawing and stitch, demonstrating this through drawing, mark-making, colour, shape, pattern surface and experimental investigation with materials. Final designs and fabric samples concluded this creative exploration.

The work of 31 students was selected for exhibition including drawings, sketchbooks and material experimentation.

This work is being exhibited at two locations:

Charnwood Museum ; 16th April – 10 June

Martin Hall; 25th April - 23rd May

Thank you to Dr Kerri Akiwowo,  Lecturer in Textiles and Kerry Walton, Textiles Programme Leader (SAED), for their joint working on this project.

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  • Kerri Akiwowo