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20 September 2018

One Last Dance - An Chéad Damhsa

  • 17:00

About this event

Dr Fred Dalmasso is collaborating with Instant Dissidence in creating 'ONE LAST DANCE – AN CHÉAD DAMHSA'. This is the work in which a choreographer and a film-maker will be walking and dancing from Guildford (Surrey, England) to Cloughjordan (Co. Tipperary, Ireland). On each stage of the journey they will be joined by an EU citizen who will share experiences of life in the UK/ Ireland and will co-create a short dance/performance work with them whilst walking together, to be performed at the stage destination. As each stage completes, all choreographic sections performed to date will be linked together.

Please come to the Reimagining Citizenship exhibition at Loughborough University on Thursday 20th September at 5pm to be part of the welcoming party for Fred and Instant Dissidence as they will be dancing their way (!!) from Leicester as part of their pre-post Brexit project and expect to arrive about 5pm at the gallery!

If you cannot make it on that day, please join us at Dance4 Nottingham, Fred and Instant Dissidence’s next halt, on the next day at 5pm (Friday 21st September).