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25 May 2017

The City in Graphic Detail

Presented By Dr Robert Harland, Visual Communications lecturer in the School of the Arts, English and Drama

About this event

City Series is a new public lecture series in Leicester that delivers free events relating to a wide range of urban topics, such as architecture, history and geography. It is a collaboration between Leicester City Council, De Montfort University, University of Leicester, and Loughborough University, with speakers from those institutions and from the wider community.

The lecture on 25 May will be delivered by Robert Harland and will focus on the idea of a category of designed graphic objects that significantly contribute to the functioning of urban systems. The talk will draw on his recently published book Graphic Design in Urban Environments, to explain how graphic objects such as typefaces, advertisements, street signs and sports pitches contribute to the way urban places work.  

Robert is Lecturer in Visual Communication at the University of Loughborough, where he was recently elected onto the University's Senate. His research explores graphic objects as urban objects.

In addition, Brian Lisowy, Place Marketing Project Manager for Tourism, Culture and Investment at Leicester City Council, will give a presentation on the new 'Legible Leicester' project.