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14 February 2017

Inequality in the Cultural and Creative Industries

Presented By Mark Taylor, The University of Sheffield

About this event

How unequal are the cultural and creative industries, and do the people who work in them realise how unequal they are?

The recent high-profile success of actors including Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch has meant that the issue of class has become more prominent, but related discussions are often devoid of broader context. In this session, I'll discuss what we know about the professional makeup of the cultural industries, and go behind the headlines through discussion of balancing part-time work and unpaid labour. This will involve analysis of large national and international datasets and the results from a quantitative study of 2,500 people working in the cultural and creative industries, 239 of whom we interviewed face-to-face as well. Our findings show that inequality in the cultural sector isn't limited to the kind of background you come from, with gender, ethnicity, and age also interacting with each other and producing particular kinds of experiences. I'll also show that, in a lot of ways, working in the cultural sector is a lot like working in any other job.