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9 August 2017

Book launch - Maladies and Medicine: Exploring Health and Healing, 1540-1740

Presented By Jennifer Evans and Sara Read

About this event

Today people rely on the NHS to provide health care and treatments when they are unwell. But what did people do centuries before the welfare state? Join us to celebrate the release of a richly researched new book exploring how ordinary people coped with a range of diseases in the turbulent times of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Before anaesthesia, antiseptics and antibiotics, physicians bled their patients and administered laxatives in a bid to restore the body’s natural balance, and surgery was dangerous and a potentially fatal intervention.

Maladies and Medicine offers a lively exploration of health and medical cures in early modern England. Case studies and personal anecdotes taken from doctors’ notes, personal journals, diaries, letters and even court records show the reactions of individuals to their illnesses and treatments, bringing the reader into close proximity with people who lived around 400 years ago. This fascinating and richly illustrated study will appeal to anyone curious about the history of the body and the way our ancestors lived.

Meet the authors and pick up your signed copy at a discounted price.

When booking your place, please use the password 'Earthworms'.

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