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9 March 2017

‘Artists’ collections of ethnographic material: object biographies and decolonisation’

Presented By Julia Kelly, part of the Art History and Visual Culture Research Seminars 2016/17

About this event

The acquisition of non-western artefacts by explorers or missionaries has been subject to much historical critique; yet the collection of the same objects by artists, in the name of artistic research, is seen as relatively benign. Ownership by a (western) artist is usually an integral part of the meaning and valuation of such objects, both artistically and financially. Their subsequent interpretation and display, however, conceal the deep-seated colonial assumptions they embody. The collections of a range of 20th-century artists, including André Breton, Louise Nevelson and Jacob Kramer, will be used as case studies.

This event is part of the Art History and Visual Culture seminar series 2016-17‌.

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