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4 May 2017

‘The Sublime in Fashion/Fashion in the Sublime’

Presented By Malcolm Barnard, part of the Art History and Visual Culture Research Seminars 2016/17

About this event

Malcolm Barnard will use examples from the designer Rei Kawakubo and the theorist and historian Elizabeth Wilson to introduce the argument that our everyday experiences of the body, the garment and fashion are actually experiences of the Kantian sublime. He will relate Kawakubo’s and Wilson’s descriptions of the relation between body and clothing to Hegel’s early nineteenth century explanation of the relation between the garment and the body and to Roland Barthes’s account of Erté’s alphabet drawings. He will argue that these are all descriptions of the Kantian sublime and that it is to be found in every experience, not only the experience of fashion. Thus, the sublime is always in fashion, and fashion is always in the sublime.    

This event is part of the Art History and Visual Culture seminar series 2016-17‌.

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