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18 May 2017

‘Calls to Action! Unruly rhetorics and ‘paper politics’: art and the pamphleteer’

Presented By Gill Whiteley, part of the Art History and Visual Culture Research Seminars 2016/17

About this event

Ahead of two days of events and an exhibition, For and Against: Art, Politics and the Pamphlet (co-organised by RaRa with Radar 26-27 May 2017), this paper presents work-in progress on research for a publication which considers art’s historical and contemporary intersection with the pamphlet. From the leaflets of the 1960s Dutch Provo to the downloadable manifestos of the performative family activist Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home, it engages with the DIY format and materiality of the pamphlet as well as its radical political traditions.

This event is part of the Art History and Visual Culture seminar series 2016-17‌.

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