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14 January 2016 - 1 March 2016

The Student Wordsmith Poetry Slam

About this event

Love spoken word? Then the Student Wordsmith Poetry Slam could be for you - submit a video of yourself performing a poem on the subject of 'Home' and you could win the chance to perform it live at The Student Wordsmith Awards Night! Hosted by the online creative literary platform, this event will be attended by numerous writers, artists and representatives from the creative community, making it an unmissable opportunity to have your work heard by some real movers and shakers.  Not least of these is the fantastic Shruti Chauhan, who wowed local audiences last year when she returned to Loughborough as part of spoken word tour Three the Hard Way, and will be judging the competition.

Entries must be 2-4 minutes in length, your own original creation, and submitted by 5pm on Tuesday 1st March 2016. You can send your video in one of two ways: email your video as an attachment to, or post your video to Youtube and email the link to the same address. The winner will be given a 10 minute performance slot on the awards night.

Good luck everyone - we can't wait to see what you produce!

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