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4 March 2016

The Politics of the Art School: Study Day

About this event

Join us for an event bringing together researchers and participants from the student art centres in Yugoslavia with those involved in art school occupations in the UK past and present.

Student Art Centres in Yugoslavia were important meeting points between artists and broader social and political issues and hosted left critique of the official culture in Yugoslavia and joined neo-Marxist, post ‘68 critique of culture, including that of the emerging ‘red bourgeoisie’. What tendencies were shared between student art centres and their counter-parts in art school activism and occupations in the UK? And, how do current art students and work in solidarity with other groups to fight the neoliberalisation of the arts and broader society today?

The event will be formatted around key terms and struggles, inviting past and present participants from the UK and Yugoslav contexts to discuss strategies and futures for their work in and across both contexts.

This event is part funded by Critical Citizenship, Activism and Art, an initiative of Loughborough University’s Anarchism Research Group and Politicized Practice to showcase and critically discuss art activists efforts to give a voice to the excluded, promote inclusive alternatives and enrich global culture and citizenship.

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