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3 March 2016 - 10 March 2016

'Careers In... Acting' Sessions

About this event

Want to work in theatre or performance? Perhaps you're the next Laurence Olivier, the ultimate stage manager, a technical whizz, or could give Carlos Acosta a run for his money? Whatever your passion, you could benefit from these sessions being offered by the Careers Network!

Don't let the title put you off - we have it on good authority that Spotlight would also be good for anyone wanting to be a presenter or dancer, and Equity for anyone who wants to work backstage in theatre, particularly in stage management. The sessions are as follows:

Careers In…Acting – SPOTLIGHT→
3rd March - 2pm till 3pm

Careers In…Acting – EQUITY→
3rd March - 3pm till 4pm

Careers In…Acting – DRAMA STUDIO→
10 March - 2pm till 3pm

We hope to see you there!

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