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1 June 2016 - 3 June 2016

Blood, Sweat and Sperm: An Evening at the Grand-Guignol

About this event

‘An Evening at the Grand-Guignol’ is a festival of six short plays including two comedies and four horrors. Prepare for a spine-chilling evening of blood, sweat and sperm…

We are delighted to present this production, which is performed and directed by final-year students on the Drama course at Loughborough University. The work you will see showcases the creativity, drive, and talent that they have brought to bear throughout their studies. The plays performed will be:

The Wax Museum by André de Lorde and Georges Montignac (1910)
Not afraid of the dark? Well you soon will be…

Kama Sutra by Régis Gignoux (1922)
Snooping doesn’t always lead to what you want… or does it?

The Ultimate Torture by André de Lorde and Eugène Morel (1900)
You can’t let them take you alive. What do you do?

The Unhinged by Olaf and Pierre Palau (1921)
What really lies behind the doors of an all-girls boarding school?

Tics by René Berton (1908)
Feeling unwell? Need a thorough examination?

The Old Women by André de Lorde and Alfred Binet (1922)
Will anyone ever escape the mad house?

Tickets: £7 / £5 students

Visit the online store here to book your ticket→

There will also be two performances at The Yard Theatre in London on Monday 13 June. To book your tickets visit their website here→

Please note this production contains strong language and content of a violent and sexual nature, so is not suitable for younger viewers.

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