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12 October 2015

School of the Arts, English and Drama is hosting the kickoff meeting of the European Project DICHE

Presented By School of the Arts, English and Drama

About this event

On Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th October, researchers and project managers from the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy are joining the kickoff meeting of the European Project DICHE - Digital Innovation in Cultural and Heritage Education in the light of 21st century learning, funded under the Erasmus+ Programme, Strategic Partnership KA2.

The School of the Arts, English and Drama is hosting the first transnational meeting and is also in charge of leading the research activity for the next five months, in cooperation with the University of Roma Tre (Italy).
During the kickoff meeting, Professor Mike Wilson and Dr Antonia Liguori will share with partners their specific expertise in the use of digital storytelling in education and will gather and formulate the research questions to draft the common research agenda for this project.

The research agenda addresses pending academic issues related to innovation and integration of digital resources and opportunities in cultural and heritage education and serves as a theoretical basis for the partnership of this project, both during the project and for the continuation afterwards.

Elements of the agenda are:
- Possibilities offered by cultural and heritage education for the enhancement of twenty-first century learning skills;
- Potential role of digital resources in cultural and heritage education, within the context of twenty-first century learning;
- Pending research questions on digital resources and methods in cultural and heritage education;
- Overview of the state of the art.

Given these questions, the agenda is relevant to external parties performing research on digital integration and innovation in the classroom, on cultural and heritage education, and on 21st century learning.

Project partners are:
Marnix Academie (NL), Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht (NL), ATiT (BE), Università degli Studi Roma Tre (IT), COOP Culture (IT) and Loughborough University (UK).

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