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1 July 2015 - 3 July 2015

D&AD New Blood

About this event

Finalists from Graphic Communication and Illustration will be taking examples of their work down to D&AD (Design and Art Direction) for the chance to showcase their designs and ideas to buyers and employers.

Design and Art Direction has for over 50 years been leading the effort in the British creative industries to innovate, educate and promote communication design and media. Founded in 1962 by such greats as Alan Fletcher, Terence Donovan and David Bailey the organisation continues to run the New Blood event which directly showcases the quality of Loughborough Graphic Communication and Illustration students. The exhibition allows for Loughborough students to exhibit their work in direct competition with other UK (and some international) design courses, an exhibition which runs both privately for industry luminaries and then publicly for design cognoscenti to appreciate. It is the single annual event in the UK that the communication design industry turns out for; nowhere else packs more industry players in search of young design talent into a single space than D&AD. And our students benefit from the exposure every year.