Arts Degree Show2015

Rosie Childs

My inspiration is taken from the photography of Matt Molloy and his time-stacking pieces.  He creates his pieces using Photoshop to layer then combine and digitally manipulate his images. My works are a combination of manual collage and digital manipulations combining two of my own photographs with this same process. I have based my practice around the concept of repetition and reproduction, exploring its indexical link to repetitive techniques and the processes therein. Taking into consideration Marcel Duchamp’s found object named Fountain, I have demonstrated how repetition and reproduction are linked to the ideas of the eternal; copies are made of original forms and through continuous repetition eternal time is suggested. My practice is divided into two separate techniques. I used my own layered images that have been digitally manipulated to create the design for my manual collages. Presenting my collages onto natural forms eliminated any boundaries this repetitive technique could have created. I moved away from man-made canvases and cardboard materials as my base and began incorporating combinations of natural forms and man-made materials.