Arts Degree Show2015

Fine Art

A few words from the Fine Art student representatives

As student representatives we would first like to express our gratitude to our year group for selecting us to take on this role that has allowed us to become greatly involved in the running of our course, and providing us this occasion to speak on behalf of all those students who are exhibiting in the 2015 Fine Art Degree Show.

As a year group, we have been privileged to attend study visits abroad to both Paris and Venice, as well as trips closer to home including those to Liverpool, London and Birmingham. We have found these trips valuable to the development of our education in the arts and to build closer friendships that we hope will continue well into our lives and careers post-graduation.

Having worked to represent the student body throughout the year, we would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the academic and technical staff who have encouraged us in both the experimentation and development of our practices that has lead us to achieve so much as a year group already. We would also like to thank all the critical and historical tutors for incorporating such a diverse and, at times challenging aspect of the course which has strengthened the practices of Loughborough Undergraduates in all areas. We have been incredibly lucky to have been consistently challenged and inspired by both our peers and members of staff who have supported the class of 2015 throughout our study at Loughborough University.

Concerning the Degree Show, we would especially like to thank, on behalf of the year group, all those students who took it upon themselves to become members of any of the valuable student committees, without whom the successful running of the degree show would be impossible. The fundraising committee, the catalogue committee, the organisers of Free Range, your contribution and commitment has been essential, and is hugely appreciated.

We are proud of both the artistic talent and peer support evident in our year group and hope that our influence will be remembered across the School of the Arts. Many of the students on the Fine Art course are already successfully exhibiting in the Midlands and further afield, and we hope that those visiting the Loughborough Graduates Degree Show will follow a selection of the Fine Art graduates to the Free Range exhibition of graduate works in the Truman Gallery, London in June.

We are confident that this degree of success will continue in the careers of the students as they progress after Loughborough and we wish everybody on the course all the best for a successful and happy future!

Amelia Seren Roberts & Hannah Smith
Fine Art Finalists Student Representatives
Loughborough University