Arts Degree Show2015

Lauren Scott

Contrary to many designers ‘craft based’ works, my designs are always led by concept. I place as much importance in the narrative of an object as much as the appearance, and the thought process behind the work I create is valuable.

With a keen interest in interior design, I have found myself creating objects both for the home and commercial environments. I contextualise the objects that I make by designing them for a particular interior, meaning that a lot of what I make is bespoke, as if commissioned.

The product designed for my final semester has been a concept led, bespoke lighting piece for a restaurant in Sheffield. I have created this piece of lighting which ties in with the ethos of the
restaurant, which uses only Yorkshire sourced ingredients and is based in an old cutlers building.

Using the heritage and history of Sheffield I too have used Yorkshire sourced materials in order to create an object which refers to the rich history of the building, as well as visually complementing the rest of the interior.