Arts Degree Show2015

Jessica Marsh

In designing and making female jewellery, my main interest and inspiration for my work comes from my fascination with the relationship between the jewellery piece and the female body that wears it.

I work with the idea that jewellery should be a response to the form that it is worn on and that the adornment and wearer should work together. My jewellery responds to the contours of the body, particularly focusing on the hands, wrist, neck and collar bone, which I find the most interesting in form, combining this idea with forms inspired by the natural surface texture of the skin and bones beneath it. I have worked predominantly in metals and silicone, using methods including casting, forming, cutting and soldering to create wearable but statement collections expressing these ideas. My work often has a heavy emphasis on textural quality, which I develop through detailed drawings and the casting of natural textures. My pieces have formerly taken inspiration from the interior spongy structure of bones and the exterior detailed linear textures of skin, questioning how these can be investigated, developed and translated into materials to create jewellery pieces with intriguing form and textural qualities.