Arts Degree Show2015

Jessica Bell

My inspiration for this project has stemmed from the love of good food at breakfast time and the calm, soft themes that spring reveals. Using my knowledge and design skill, I have combined professional, crisp standards, to convey a shabby chic, vintage cottage style.

In order to build a connecting relationship between the ceramics and the wood, I have created specific sized recesses where each item fits comfortably, thereby eliminating any unwanted movement. Colour is an interesting element to my design process and is in keeping with the soft tones of spring. I have chosen a calm shade of blue to echo the scenic sky and compliment the intriguing nature of the walnut grains.

Taking ideas from my previous catering experiences, I have created a fully functioning product that will work well in a modern, stylish restaurant. Having influenced my designs throughout the project, Rocha John Rocha’s kitchenware, has assisted my development when designing the contemporary range of products.