Arts Degree Show2015

Jade Hope

Most of my Inspiration comes from nature and organic forms, such as fractal patterns, Spirograph patterns and plants. I enjoy experimenting with shape, structure and size to develop my initial ideas. Despite my passion for functional pieces I also draw creative ideas from non-functional pieces of work, such as sculptures and graphic design. I try to give my work a sculptural and modern feel while still maintaining a functional purpose; weather its designing tableware or jewellery.

I tend to work in paper as I feel it has a fluid and sculptural nature that I can exploit, when it’s folded or manipulated in certain ways. To me I feel my work should engage and intrigue the user and allow them to see the inspiration and influences used from my research and initial ideas. I enjoy being able to push the boundaries when it comes to working with sheet metals, being able to take something flat and turn it into a 3D object just from using cuts and folds and the traditional methods fascinates me.